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Akashic Records Masterclass – Level One

How to Open Your Akashic Records in Forty Lessons

Forty Lessons to Begin a Lifetime Journey of Trust, Truth, and Transformation with Your Akashic Records

Student Archive: For Your Akashic Records

A library of audio and video recordings of past Level One Master Classes

Expand Your Akashic Records Practice

Level One Mini-Course: Add Ritual, Gemstones, and Aroma to Your Akashic Records Practice

Akashic Records Masterclass – Level Two

How to Open the Akashic Records for Other in Forty Lessons

Step Into Your Potential as an Akashic Records Reader, Strengthen Self-Worth, and Empower Universal Connection

Level Two Archive: For Akashic Records for Other

A library of audio and video recordings of past Level Two Master Classes

Reading Exchange

Find partners to practice with in Level Two and beyond!

Akashic Records Masterclass – Level Three

Soul Energy Dynamics and the Akashic Records, May 2021

Advanced Introduction to Energy from the Soul's Point of View

Akashic Records Fellowship

Akashic Records Fellowship

All Three Levels When You are Ready for Amazing Spiritual Expansion

Akashic Records Intensive